Career Mapping

Career Mapping is a tool that provides young students on the verge of deciding their career paths with unique, data-driven insights to help them build the careers they are suitable for. Career mapping basically depicts the clear picture of what the student has done till now, academically & socially. To prepare Career Map, we ask in for all the academic mark-sheets of the students, along with any certificate which they have gained for extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. We also ask them to provide information on any Educational tours and visits made to any places.

Further the student has to fill in a questionnaire which states the parents socio-economic status, their educational and occupational background, medical history of the family etc. 

Based on the academic documents we prepare a career graph which shows how the study level of the client has grown up to these many years, whether he/she has gone through any ups and downs in their career, if yes, then what were the reasons.

From the extra and co-curricular activities we try to find their inclination towards any particular field/activity. Or in other words you can say, their inner capabilities and interest area for a particular field or work. So that proper guidance can be given in terms of choosing the right career path. 
Career Maps contain detailed information of past performances to be able to predict the future line of action the client may take. 
In short like a GPS in your car, Career Maps display alternative routes to build mastery in the core professions. Mastery is being the “best you can be” and those who achieve mastery of their professions or trades are leaders, mentors and innovators. The knowledge, skills and ability that mastery requires is enduring and guides both simple day-to-day decisions as well as complex challenges. 
“Take a Job & you’ll work for a day, Master a Profession or a Trade & you’ll work for a Life Time.