A paradigm shift in peoples choices toward Ayurveda

India is culturally and traditionally rich as a country, Ayurveda is one of the gems that India has in its crown. Our country has world prominence in the field of Ayurveda and its practices. Around 80% of Indian households use some of the other forms of traditional medicines that includes Ayurveda properties; for example, consuming cumin seeds (jeera) instead of any medicine to treat acidity.

A lot has changed in the health sector after the outbreak of deadly belligerence of COVID -19. People are more inclined towards a healthy way of living. And they are more adamant to treat the cause of their health problem from the root. And time and again it is proven that traditional treatment provides the best options for rehabilitating health issues by restoring the balance of body and mind holistically.

Casually saying, Ayurveda is the 'in thing' now. Ayurveda products and medicines are taking over the world, COVID - 19, and their effects can be considered to be the one reason for it. India, especially the southern region, is attracting more and more tourists for Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurvedic doctors are in demand across India in both the government and private sectors. A BAMS degree also sets you on the path to entrepreneurship through private practice. There is a huge scope after pursuing a degree in BAMS also because the government is backing AYUSH Ministry. Various manufacturing companies are also turning toward developing effective Ayurvedic medicines for the people.

In an interview with a leading newspaper agency, R Sateesh; a tutor for NEET exams said," More students now want to join courses in AYUSH courses because these courses are being recognized better by central and state governments in post - the covid era".

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