Career Planning

Career Planning is done to “help people find their Passion, Choose the right career and appropriate course to suit their attitude, identify their values, aspirations and goals, and the scope of a course or career in India or Abroad. 

Planning process should incorporate the following stages:
  • Assess your skills, knowledge, values, constraints and interests
  • Identify which new skills and knowledge you want to develop
  • Formulate a careers action plan with contingencies
  • Check the careers action plan for realism

Career Plan would include all the information needed for the clients to choose and groom their career from the beginning. For e.g. if the scoring of the Aptitude tests of the clients shows up with medical field, in music, art, etc fields to choose in, then the career plan will include all the required details of How to get into medical field, what are the entrance exams to be prepared for it, at what stages, from where, which colleges he/she can avail admissions, job opportunities etc. 


  1. Academic mark-sheets starting from standard 1st to till date
  2. Any certificates available for extra- curricular activities and co-curricular activities
  3. Information regarding any educational tours or visits to any places
  4. Socio-economic status of the parents
  5. Parents educational and occupational backgrounds
  6. Medical history of the family
  7. Any other relevant information which can be helpful in the career planning